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The enigmatic career of King Arthur has fascinated readers since the Middle Ages but is there any truth in the legend? Well our exclusive author Alistair Hall believes so and sets out his case in the Battle of Mount Badon, Ambrosius, Arthur and the defence of Britain (RRP £25.00).


Alistair has followed up his conclusions with a fiction, Bears in the North (RRP £8.99) a book written to convey the sense of the chaos following the withdrawal of the Roman legions and which pictures how Britons in the different regions coped with defending their territories and protecting their way of life.

The exiting sequel to Bears in the North is about the challenges and the rise of the young king Arthwys is scheduled to be published in 2024. Titled The Rise of King Arthwys it will be available this Autumn.


Raven Fell, Bluestone House, West Foulden,

Berwick upon Tweed, Scottish Borders, TD15 1UL


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