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The Battle of Mount Badon, Ambrosius, Arthur and the defence of Britain.

Historical Non Fiction ISBN 978-1-9162997-0-2

This book brings the events leading to the end of Roman Britain and the impact of the demise of the Roman Empire into sharper focus. How did the Anglo-Saxons so quickly present the "invincible force" described by Bede and which "kings of Britons", mentioned in the Historia Brittonum, engaged and eventually defeated them? With a stunning new perspective, this book provides answers sufficient to not only justify Arthur's historicity, but also to challenge the perceived chronology of the fifth century.


Written after two decades of research, readers will see the location of Arthur's battles revealed and have the complex events of the Roman campaigns explained, in a book packed with illustrations and the analysis of the chief sources. This book has become recognised as the game changer that edged King Arthur out of legend and into history.

Author's recent article

A recent article by Alistair Hall provides the background to the book, his sources and what they revealed.  This article is available to read by using the link here.

E-book now available


This book is now available to download as an e-book.  To buy and download this format please click on the link below

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