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Bears in the North           Fiction  ISBN 978-1-9162997-2-6   


The year is 412 AD. The Roman legions have all withdrawn from Britannia. The cives and tribes who remain no longer have the might of Rome at their backs or her foot on their throats. They must rally to fill the power vacuum and defend themselves against an array of seaborne enemies attracted by prosperous lands lightly defended. Meanwhile, the Picts of Caledonia seize their opportunity to invade in force and so begins sixty years of strife for the Britons.

This is the story of warlords who became kings, and the kingdoms they built to defend their religion and culture. These ‘Protectors’ all had a hand in shaping modern Britain. But one family in particular faced the political and military challenges with such courage that their deeds have echoed down the ages and into legend. 


The last Duke of Britain, Coel Hen, valiantly defended the North and gave rise to a dynasty that would extend its grip on power, becoming kings whilst facing the gathering tide of invasion from across the sea and treachery at home. Bears in the North tells the story behind the rise of this illustrious northern dynasty.

There is a prophecy that a serpent will come from the east, and the men of the North must be ready or risk losing all that they hold dear.

E-book now available


This book is now available to download as an e-book.  To buy and download this format please click on the link below

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